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Floral Designer, Photographer, Career Coach, Writer/Editor, Polyglot (Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, French). Born in Kunming and raised in Taipei and Madrid, Rome, Paris. 

My business name, 'ATM International, LLC', was derived from my name initials, 'Anchi Tan Miller', plus international marketing, localization work, and career coaching experiences.

I'm not a 'cookie-cutter' florist or photographer. My unique perspective is from years of international living, travel and love of art, music and dance all of  which fed/influenced my perspective for beauty in floral design and photography.

In my career coaching I not only create the client's resume and profile but also use Skype for mock interviews and feedback besides help create professional content and presentation.


I provide unique wedding and special event floral experiences because flowers talk to me and I let them express their beauty and spontaneity. I grew up with fresh flowers at home, learned a lot from my talented mother, and attended unique floral design seminars, including by former White House florist who designed flowers for Presidents Carter, Reagan and Bush.


anchi tan miller

/floral designer, photographer and career coach